Poly Garbage Bags

Product Description
Poly Garbage Bag founded in 1950 in Canada has been a great aid to mankind when it comes to disposing of waste material. These garbage bags comes in various shape and size to meet the need of our customers while letting our customers easily lay their hands of the waste. Being light weight, durable and stretchable in nature our poly garbage bags has been providing resolution to waste management from houses to hospital, and from office to society across all segment of lives. With quality tensile strength our poly bag provides the flexibility of disposing huge amount of garbage at once. With quality certified by international quality system our poly garbage bag are not only eco friendly but also are re-usable in nature. Further the black colour of our poly garbage bag not only provides our customer with a clean feel, but also ensures no spillage while disposing toxic material after sealing the poly garbage bag. The black colour also ensures no reaction takes place with the disposed garbage with sun radiation. Poly Garbage bags are one step simple solutions to dispose of your garbage.

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